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ARD2K Electronics Co. Ltd. (simply ARD2K),  was conceptualized in 2002. It began its operations on Eastwood Park Road, Kingston, in the last quarter of that year, selling consumer electronic products. For many years it was the leading supplier of television stands and flat screen televisions for the Jamaican Market. The move into the furniture business began with the selling of home theatre seats and by 2007 it evolved into a full fledge furniture store to meet the demands from its customers.  There are presently three retail locations, one each in Kingston, Mandeville and Montego Bay.

The Managing Director

Mr. Richard Hamilton attributes his success to his unique buying patterns, staying ahead of market trends, paying attention to quality and detail, and a great working team.  Having derived the acronym, ARD2K from the names of his children, Alex, Raheem, Danielle, Kelsa and Karissa, Hamilton pledges that the business is an ode to his family. Mr. Hamilton boasts over 22 years of retail experience and has worked on the local landscape as well as the overseas markets, placing great emphasis on details and customer service. His keen attention to market trends has him identifying furniture for the various areas within the home up to a year in advance. He also regularly attends furniture markets (trade shows), so as to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. There is always a project in the business pipeline for ARD2K.

ARD2K..... Unique in Every Way