ARD431 Bedroom Set
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Bedroom Set
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The traditional design of O World is inspired primarily by classic European styles of antiquity. Clearly influenced by the later Renaissance period, which featured enrichment of ornament and outline, O World reflects the elaborate details of the French and English translation of this significant architectural movement. As Roman design standards like columns and pilasters were applied to furniture, a full complement of bases, cornices and pediments emerged, transforming cabinets, dressers and other case pieces into scaled-down architectural compositions.
Cathedral cherry and exotic avodire veneers are complemented by fine herringbone inlay, with burnished edges and hand rubbed fronts giving a satiny glow to the rich pomegranate finish of O World. Classic details of sculptural acanthus leaf carvings, a rhythmic lamb’s tongue motif and baroque styled custom hardware add to the architectural splendor of this beautifully crafted collection.

5/0 HB 66W 7D 73H
5/0 FB 67W 7D 32H
5/0 RS 81W 3D 14H

6/6 HB 82W 7D 73H
6/6 FB 83W 7D 32H
6/6 RS 81W 3D 14H


74W 21D 38H
45W 21D 61H


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